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b0ss-n00b asked:
hey, where did u get ur kirby figures from???

i got all of them from here:

they’re impossible to stack, though, haha


Isaku — PC-98 — Elf (1997)
Ice-cold Papsi.


Isaku — PC-98 — Elf (1997)

Ice-cold Papsi.


Rusty (PC-98), 1993

Masahiro Kajihara, Kenichi Arakawa, Ryū Takami

also i got a collection of tiny kirby figures!!! they’re super adorable!!!

i posted these on twitter but i figured id post them here as well. i really love my noriko figure!!!!!

(Source: bewareofmpreg)



In 2010, I read a tidy little write-up of Konami’s 1991 Game Boy game Cave Noire by Anna Anthropy on the (now defunct) Gamer’s Quarter forums.

Two years later, Aeon Genesis Translation Project released an English patch, and I had a grand time playing the game in brief moments of downtime on my phone.

I have, you might say, an academic interest in the game’s particular flavour of puzzle and roguelike elements. Given that there is very little text in the game, and that the genre is largely defined by a didactic, learning-through-play approach, I was curious which details were disclosed and which withheld in the game’s instruction manual.

Last week, I found out! Anna scanned the manual, and Swarm translated. With my curiosity sated, I wanted to share the goods.

The translated Cave Noire Instruction Booklet is available for download on ANNARCHIVE. Please enjoy!

Cave Noire is pretty cool guys

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