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kayinnasaki reblogged your post that reminds me when i beat castlevani… and added:

Second loop is terrifying. Fucking medusa heads. ;_;

yeah ;_; like, second loop doesn’t really add much (and i think the last couple of levels are pretty identical?) but for somebody who could barely beat it the first time it felt near impossible at times

of course, i’m much better at the game now. i’ve beaten it several times since then 8)

capsep replied to your post: that reminds me when i beat castlevani…

lol what a loser. Hope you sent his ass to the curb.

i think i just tried to change the subject despite being pretty mad about it because his logic really astounded me and i didn’t wanna hear him try to defend it

qetzlmania asked:
Are you a big kickstarter backer? Anything promising on the horizon that you're really looking forward to?

i don’t really back many kickstarters, no. i just don’t have the money to spare most of the time. ;_; um, one that i’m really looking forward to is Outerlands. i’ve always wanted to read or watch something about somebody tackling the preservation of games, and that’s just one topic of several they have planned. i’m really looking forward to watching the whole series when it comes out!

something i’m looking forward to that’s still going on right now is OMORI!! it’s got music by slime girls and space boyfriend!!! it’s coo’!!!

tamanoripu asked:
What are your top 5 favorite games that include a clown horn noise? Please sort by quality of clown horn noise.

5. ClownDown

little known pirate hack of the arcade game Crackdown by SEGA. every sound effect is a clown horn.

4. Street Fighter II: Clown Horn Edition

boy the clown horn on this one is REALLY great! it came with an ACTUAL clown horn to squeeze that you would use to pull off Special Clown Moves! i imagine that’s why it never left the arcades, though…

3. Marc Ecko’s Clowning Around

yeah, i know, SFII:CHE is a good game, but i gotta give bigger props to this one, sorry, mostly because the clown horn is a DEEP part of the mechanics and not just a fast way to throw hadoukens. the sound effect itself is much weaker though. the game was rushed, so they had to lift the sound effect wholesale from C.L.O.W.N.S. for the Atari 2600.

2. *Clown Horn Noise* 3D

yes, we all knew this would be on the list, the question though, was where. the game’s name is, of course, is hard to say in print, so i’m not even gonna bother. this brilliant game was revolutionary for it’s game, and HAD to be played with headphones. the game is, quite simply, extraordinary. the simple mechanics made it fun to play over and over, and the clarity that the sound comes in through your headphones (or speakers, if you wanna play poorly) is out of this world.

but what game could top that? what game could POSSIBLY be better then that? there’s only one, and you’ll have to click the link below to find out. SPOILERS: your mind will be BLOWN.

Anonymous asked:
Soooooo... how about that opa opa? Like, how do you feel about that little spaceship?

Opa Opa is my favorite little spaceship

that reminds me when i beat castlevania NES for the first time several years ago, on it’s second loop, and when i told one of my online friends he said “heh, not bad…for a girl ;)”. then i kind of got defensive and he got all serious and told me i’m prolly not that good compared to him because he’s a guy and implied that there’s always gonna be a man who’s better then a woman at video games or some shit like that.

all he played (or would talk about playing) was World of Warcraft and Left 4 Dead


idk sorry

Anonymous asked:
real girl gamers beat at least one final fantasy game, does that mean you're a fake?

WOAH i’m sorry i didn’t know the arbiter (HEH, SHAMELESS LITTLE GAMING REF THERE FOR YA TO BUTTER YA UP ;) ) of who is and isn’t a real gamer is reading my blog! i feel honored!! it’s true, i AM a fake gamer. i do not play video games, i just somehow magically get all these pixel perfect gifs of games on my tumblr without playing them. it’s pretty evident when i’ve barely touched a mega popular video game franchise known for having games that last dozens of hours and stories that sound really dumb whenever somebody tries to explain it to you!! i’m sorry, i misled everybody…

johnasavoia asked:
final fantasy 8 is the best one

i’ll have to take your word for it, since the most i’ve ever played a final fantasy was the first half of VII.

*clown horn noises* talk dirty to me

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